Waffle Overkill –Jace Gace (beer&waffles) art event

Simon Goetz (aka The Mayor of Belmont) sent over this write-up on Jace Gace. If you see a good headline here, it is b/c of Mr Goetz (the bad ones are mine).

You would be wise, in fact–you will become wiser by checking out his site: Ministry of Imagery (MOI).


1st annual all-art-accepted non-juried “Overkill” show
Opening Reception: Thursday July 12th (tonight), 6pm-12am.
Jace Gace 2045 SE Belmont

When you walk up to Jace Gace, chances are you’ve got cars scraping past at nosebleed speeds and gargantuan condo-creating cranes looming overhead. Belmont breathes down the waffle restaurant’s neck, and with the intersection of 20th and Belmont within spitting distance, Jace Gace’s umbrella-swathed front patio is a great place from which to watch this sunny, imposing world. You might see fender benders and lovers’ spats, bike wrecks and singing pedestrians. But inside the gray brick building is where the real seeing is.

Forget the snazzy design of the place, with the endless white walls ripe for the hanging and the inverted skateboard ramp sweeping up like a wooden tsunami from the entrance. Forget the four young men who own the place, who form like Voltron to run it, who come out and sit down with you and high-five total strangers. Forget the staff, who are genuinely friendly and boisterous as well, and who will tease you after you have known them for two minutes. Forget the ever-expanding menus of beer, both refined and otherwise. Forget the arsenal of waffles on the menu, from asparagus and curry to cream and fruit to sausage gravy and chocolate and other more vegan options.

Forget all of that shit. Because tonight all of that already incredible stuff is kicking it into overdrive for Jace Gace’s “Overkill” art opening. It’s the most exciting art show to happen in Portland in ages, primarily because it’s a non-juried show. That means anyone could submit, and no one was turned away until the gallery ran out of room (which happened in less than two days).

And so tonight you will have the opportunity to see 98 artists showing over 200 pieces, all in one place. I was able to see part of the show while owners Nathan and Jason were hanging it. It’s at once eclectic and overwhelming and beautiful. Tonight it will bring together a healthy cross section of artists in Portland, and I look forward to surrounding myself with three things that bring be comfort: waffles, beer, and art.

In some placeholder text on the Jace Gace website, where the company’s mission statement will eventually go, it says (of what the mission statement should be) “This statement says something inspiring, not lame, not pretentious, and not shallow. Not too hip, but not ancient. Uplifting, but not spiritual. Inclusive and concise, but not terse. Welcoming, but not perverted. Artistic, but not alienating. Something like that.” Whomever wrote this unintentionally described the philosophy behind this non-juried art show, drawing parallels between the company’s overall mission and that of this “Overkill” show. And I think it will work well. I just hope no one gets any syrup on the artwork.

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