Sept 3: My Arch-Nemisis Was Born Today

Sarah, arch-nemisis of Julian Chadwick

You might have seen my arch-nemesis, Sarah, slinging cups of mud at the Belmont Stumptown the last 3 or so years. She’s a worthy adversary, and one I must deal with often because of her delicious coffee creations + her roommate and non-sexual life-partner is my sometimes-friend, the M.O.B. (3 dash points!)

Tonight, both of these two are tearing up inner SE Belmont (the M.O.B. does not like to leave his jurisdiction) with Pagecrusher’s Monday Night Movie Night at Aalto Lounge and Sarah’s Birthday Bash at Jace Gace.

I am not sure of the movie…I’m either not allowed to tell or it is still being sought after…I heard it’s something…super…no bad…no super, we’ll see.

As far as Sarah’s party is concerned, do you see that red in her eye up there? That’s called evil. You better have a lot of beers (waffles?) at the Jace to coat your soul.

Anonymous Movie Night
Aalto Lounge
SE 34th and Belmont
around 8-10, free

Sarah’s Soul Crushing Birthday Bash
Jace Gace
SE 21st and Belmont
9PM- the apocalypse

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