Sarah Palin provides the entertainment during debates? BINGO!

Sarah Palin Bingo for VP Debate

by Diana Bayless, wideshot studios

Here in Portland, there probably won’t be too much debate on who will be favored, so why not take part in a national game, as we watch Joe Biden maintain his composure at what will sure to be some very entertaining remarks from the beauty queen from Alaska?  Aside from the levy of drinking games (this one preferred), there’s also a lovely game of Sarah Palin Bingo that will sure to delight.

Click here for the site where you can print the Palin Bingo cards – four versions plus a template to create your very own.  Brilliant.

I’ll be heading to the Bagdad Theatre for tonight’s festivities, and they will be festive.  But should this place be just too packed, thanks to all the advertising Bagdad has been getting, here are the other options of VP Debate watch parties for your viewing delight (er… anguish) tonight.

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  1. Sarah Palin Nope Poster : Secrets Of Sarah Palin Says:

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