Portland Zombie Walk: “Meet Hot Zombie Chicks” | October 26


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Halloween-time brings the 4th Anuual PDX Zombie Walk to Portland. There were over 700 people who participated in last year’s Zombie-tivities, and Portland is looking to break the Guiness record this year.

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From the Zombie Walk Organizers…
zombie walk portlandMy dear flesh eaters:

The Portland zombie walk 2008 will take place on Sunday,October 26th. We will meet as usual in Pioneer Courthouse Square at 4pm exactly.

Please don’t arrive too early, I know this seems silly but it takes away something from the shock value of tons of zombies arriving at once. If we can get it figured out at 4pm we’ll start collecting signatures for the World Zombie Day record. Please sign the forms, nothing but your name and City, State are required. The route will be posted (also pics and video here) day before or day of walk.

What: A group of people getting together dressed as Zombies roaming Portland in a predetermined route. A sort of flash mob of zombies if you will.

Why: Allows Zombie aficionados to get together and collectively put a strange twist on some other wise ordinary folks day. Imagine shopping downtown or just popping out of the office for a coffee and having to make your way through a crowd of zombies. Meet HOT Zombie guys and gals!

Zombie Walk Rules

1. Use the “haunted house” rule in that you are not to touch anyone.
2. Do not attempt to scare anyone who is not a willing participant. If anyone is freaking out, turn and shamble in the opposite direction. Avoid confrontations!
3. Stay on the sidewalk unless crossing the street. When crossing, it’s OK to “break character” and cross quickly. Think fast “New Dawn of the Dead” zombies verses the slower “Old Dawn of the Dead” zombies when crossing the street. Blocking traffic is a crime and anyone doing so could be arrested.
4. No drugs. None. Forget it.
5. No alcohol outside the bars. This will get you a nice fine.
6. No littering, destruction of property, or any other illegal activity. Pretend downtown is your own neighborhood and show the utmost respect. This is something we would like to do every year and we don’t want to ruin it. Remember, the media will be watching us (along with the Portland Police) and this event could get world wide news coverage. Let’s put on a good show

4pm meet at the square for:
Last minute make-up
Sign in for the World Zombie Day Guinness Record (name and city only)
Thrill The World dancers performance of “Thriller” (again! for  the sake of the zombie walk)

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The Pipeline will be rolling around on Halloween weekend (and the weeked prior) with live pictures, tweets, and possibly video of the events. The easiest way to follow that will be Twitter.com/pdxpipeline

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  2. Travis Wittwer Says:

    Sounds marveeeeeloooous.



  4. Eugene Bill Says:

    WOW! This sounds great, what a way to celebrate and enjoy the spirit. Have safe, be fun.

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