2008 Santacon Updates: North Portland, Downtown, Hillsboro

2008 Portland Santacon / Anticon

It appears that even though the official Santacon will be in Hillsboro (seriously, Hillsboro, wtf?), many Portlanders are seemingly not into roaming suburban strip malls in their Santa outfits and will be holding things down in the PDX. Specifically, an alternate Santacon crew will have an event in North Portland–The NoPDX Anticon.

You can help gentrify North Portland with white Santas at their website here(that was for you MD).

Also, if you like the old fashioned, possibly police-actioned Santacon, many people are still meeting at the Skidmore fountain.

Details (after jump):

Downtown SantaCon: this is a pub crawl not related to Cacophony Society.  Since there was very little or no information about Portland SantaCon this year and there are a number of people that wanted to go downtown instead of Hillsboro or North Portland we put together this schedule.

Schedule subject to change.

Time Location Max Stop Max Arrival Time
12-12:30pm Skidmore Fountain Old Town/Chinatown 11:58am
12:30-1:30pm Ash Street 225 SW Ash St. Old Town/Chinatown 1:21pm
1:45-2:45pm Jax’s 862 SW 2nd Ave. Pioneer Square 1:36pm
3-4:00pm Greek Cuisina 404 SW Washington St. Pioneer Square 2:51pm
4:15-5:15pm Kelly’s 426 SW Washington St. Pioneer Square 4:06pm
5:30-6:30pm MoMo 725 SW 10th Ave. Pioneer Square 5:21pm
6:45-7:45pm Mc Menamins Ringler’s Pub‎ 1332 W Burnside Pioneer Square 6:28pm
8-9:00pm The Matador 1967 W Burnside Goose Hollow 7:58pm
9:15 – 10:15pm Marathon Taverna 1735 W Burnside St Goose Hollow 9:13pm
10:30-12pm Cheerfull Bullpen 1730 SW Taylor Goose Hollow 10:28pm & 12:14am

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17 Responses to “2008 Santacon Updates: North Portland, Downtown, Hillsboro”

  1. Survivalist Santa Says:

    That’s funny. I see several bars that vowed to never allow santa in again after the thousands of $$ in damage santa caused last Santacon, which is the main reason it got moved out of downtown in the first place. It would be worth going in street clothes just to watch the fools get arrested who are dumb enough to show up downtown dressed as santa.

  2. santa Says:

    Do you REALLY think Santacon plans to stay in Hillsboro? Or roam around strip malls? Use your brains, these folk running it ain’t exactly new at it.

  3. Mack'n Says:

    Of COURSE, the real Santacon is in Hillsboro. Clearly, the Cacophony people would never pull a massive prank, would they? …or WOULD they?

  4. Santa Says:



  5. Santa Fukket Says:

    Addendum to the downtown episode:

    Between Kelly’s and Momo’s, stop at the Church of Scientology by 5:15. There will be, let’s say, a special surprise. 709 SW Salmon.

  6. santa Says:

    Um of course they would trick. I’m joining NoPo seriously the burbs are too sprawled out for Santa, and crappy bars. Plus hey meeting under the @$$ of Mr Bunion sounds like a great time to me. And really a list of what’s going to happen?? Come on the whole point is following the crowd not knowing where the night will take you.

  7. SantaCan Says:

    This must be the ULTIMATE Santarchy scheme–confusing ourselves!

    Maybe it’s to throw off the popo….I’m all for that, but we still need a starting point… like the last zombie walk; 15 minutes after the walk began, zombies wondered off in all directions, kinda lost the entire zombie mob affect, it just deteriorated to wondering people in bad makeup…

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  9. Santoid Says:

    What makes anyone think that the police aren’t going to show up in North Portland as well? They have the internets too, you know.

    I’ll be out at the “Official” Santacon in Hillsboro. The organizers have done right by Santa in the past, they seem the best bet to prevent catastrophe.

  10. SantaCan Says:

    Ignore my last posting…I was just emailed another date and route…I give up.

    I am just going to put on my santa suit, get drunk, drop my pants and press my boobs against the windows of the Scientology church, drink more, yell “ho” at everyone, drink more, hump a streetlamp, drink more, challenge the dancers at Mary’s for a strip-off, drink more, spray paint a white silouette of my bloated self on the sidewalk, lay in it and take a nap…
    and to all, a good night.

  11. Santalicious Says:

    Downtown is where da nasties are gonna be at, and we gonna party


  12. nopdxanticon Says:

    I would love to see your boobs! But in NoPo!

  13. Santa Amir Says:

    I think I am going to do NoPo depending on what I see as I drive through downtown when I get off work.

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  15. Luke Wisher Says:

    Alright, you may have missed the SantaCon, but you can still enjoy pictures! This is a slew of shots from North Portland.


  16. Samantha Shoop Says:

    Hello all, I know that this is a long shot- however I lost a silver sony digital camera at the downtown Santacon. I lost it at either Blitz or Boxes, if anyone accidently picked it up please let me know. Thanks!!! Had a blast!!!

  17. santahuh? Says:

    Just got back from the Saturday the 13th Santacon- it was the sorryest one ever! The”coordinator” sucked; poorly organized and little turnout.

    I hear it’s his last one. Good. Get a job at Starbucks .

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