2008 Santacon: Santa Suits for $14.99 | Daily Stank Image Bank

Santacon December 6th Santa Suit $14.99
Santacon December 6th Santa Suit $14.99
Walgreens / Eat Fresh
Downtown, Portland, Oregon
Taken on December 3, 2008
Photo By Squid Vicious

Nice!. $14.99 is one sweet price. When Walgreens gets into the Santacon business (& the 5000 or so people coming here in the last few days for info), you know it is going to be big this year.

You might be asking yourself, “Self, does that Fat Hobo, Squid Viscous guy have more Santacon pictures?” Well, self…yes he doesYES. HE. DOES.

More Satacon info:

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One Response to “2008 Santacon: Santa Suits for $14.99 | Daily Stank Image Bank”

  1. squid Says:

    I hope to have a few more this year…not like last year though, I followed the shindig until it was dark…BUT how can you pass up Santa’s and Paul Bunyan?

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