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Fall of the house, portland, oregon

By Meagan Kate

As a lover of improvisational comedy as well as twenty-somethings with filthy mouths and webisodes – I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy the season four opener of Fall of the House last Friday. I wasn’t prepared, however, for how damn good the show would be.

The improv series surrounds twenty and thirty-something Portlanders – whose reality is far more entertaining than my own. Each episode’s plot is the same, but the cast works without a script, and rely on one another’s quick wit and their obvious chemistry to drive the story. Continuously receiving praise, the show’s cult following grows by the week.

The cast is lovable and relatable after the first few minutes, and the audience is sucked into the story – made to feel a part of the friend’s lives. With the intimacy of the theater, and the connection to the cast – its easy for anyone to fall in love with these characters.

Dear Amanda Jensen (who plays the hilarious Sam) — I have a gigantic lady-crush on you.

Season Four episode two comes Feb. 6-8, 10:30pm (Sundays 8pm). You can make reservations by calling 503- 425-9176 or actionadventuretheater@gmail.com.

Episodes are $12, with $2 discount for each previously seen episode. Fridays are ‘pay what you will’ – which should be a bajillion dollars – because they’re that good.

The Arena Stage at Theater! Theatre!
3430 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR 97214

See you next Friday night, kids!


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