Shadow Puppets for Adults: Night Shade @ Disjecta

Posted By Megan Bradley

PDX, you haven’t seen anything like this before Shadow Puppets for Adults: Night Shade, Portland, Oregon(unless you’re of the lucky few that caught them at Liberty Hall last summer). Entering Disjecta, you will feel that it’s already been transformed into the world of Night Shade. The original music of group members Oviedo Menedez and Blake Madden envelops the space with a creepy, beautiful taste of what’s to come, candles light your way to the seats where you are face to face with a simple set of a papier-mache tree stump and the ubiquitous parted red curtain.

Get ready for an hour of something new, something creepy, funny, and fascinating. If you can remember that you were once a kid and that stories told in the dark had the power to change the shape of your world a little bit, you’ll have a much better time.

Night Shade’s use of light is almost cinematic, utilizing close-ups and multiple perspectives. It’s a marvel of original artistry, graceful skill, and teamwork. For the price of a movie, try something new; you have but five more chances to catch this show!

Last night (Friday, April 3) it became clear at about 5 minutes to show time that supply was being dwarfed by demand, so Disjecta quickly added about 25 more seats for the 100+ people that came to the show. Order tickets in advance or come early; they might have to start turning folks away!

Shadow Puppets for Adults: Night Shade at Disjecta, April 4,5 and 10-12, 8PM, $10 General, $7 Working Artists (in advance), $12 at the door

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