First Friday Art Parties in Portland: Four Events | May 1

(For list of weekend events 75+ Portland Weekend Events | April 30-May 3)

Last Thursday flows into First Friday immediately this month. Picks from us for good art shows/parties this evening:


NEMO and Pattern People present BENEATH THE SURFACE

NEMO and Pattern People present BENEATH THE SURFACE: Flora, Fantasy, and Fable in Surface Design, May 1st through May 31st.

Opening Reception, Friday, May 1st, 6pm to 10pm, with Music provided by Spencer Product.

BENEATH THE SURFACE is curated by surface design studio, Pattern People, and highlights the work of influential, contemporary surface designers through the mediums of wallpaper, prints, and 3-dimensional objects. The work presented demonstrates how patterns can give dimension to an otherwise flat surface and create a world that pulls in the viewer. Focusing on escapist and fantastical themes, the exhibit features utopian landscapes, folkloric fables, and interpretations of magical inner journeys.

The exhibit includes designers from the U.S, Japan, Finland, Germany, Sweden, and the U.K.
For show details visit:

MORE First Friday shows after the break


Gallery Zero Portland First Friday May 1

The Gallery Zero: Purveyors of New Art is proud to present a ‘double act’ exhibition featuring local artists Edith Casterline and Dean Reiner. Their new works will be showing for the month of May with an opening reception party held for the First Friday, May 1, 2009.

Midwest born and Japan-raised artist Edith Casterline offers a series of darkly embryonic industrial visions entitled “New Organisms: Lovely Mutant and Bio-Robotic Life Forms.”    Edith’s work reflects a near-obsessive fascination with surrealist mechanical images of invented insect and plant life; her highly colored paintings bespeak her perfectionist’s eye for subtle and unusual details.   Lucid and visionary, Edith’s work transcends the bland artifice of still life and landscapes to a richer, darker dream world that explores the possibilities of environmental impact and finds beauty in the strange and wholly imagined.

Northwest artist Dean Reiner is an artist who encompasses classic technique with modern themes in a deeply emotional and reflective manner.  He has described his post-Expressionistic works as envisioning ‘the folly of emotion and the futility of sexuality versus identity.’

The artists’ reception begins at 6 p.m. and continues until 10 p.m.  Edith and Dean’s works will be on display throughout the month of May.

First Friday Opening- TODAY!! Installation Sculpture by Micki Skudlarczyk

Launch Pad Gallery Art Opeing, Portland, OregonI am honored to invite you to this month’s show, albeit on the very day that it opens.
Micki Skudlarczyk’s initial proposal was to exhibit a large ceramic work to be completed during her residency in Mexico last fall; her residency directed her work in a new direction, towards actually using the flesh and skin her ceramic pieces have long mimicked. Though she was unable to transport the finished works (viewable here) back from Mexico due to Customs regulations, she felt compelled to continue her exploration of natural materials with her installation at Launch Pad.

Consequently, there is no ceramic in the gallery this month, and nothing to buy or sell; instead, it is our pleasure to offer you a thought-provoking and ephemeral installation that explores life, death and the complicated issues that surround our relationship with the animals that we eat.

First Friday – Group Show – CD Release – Haberman at Monochrome Gallery

Chris Haberman First Friday

Showing at Monochrome Gallery tonight. Kewl little place.

Other artists include: Sara Cella, Justin Fowler, Ennis Anne Hirsch, Brin Levinson, Robert Noid and Ruth Pierch.

CD Release party: Music by Hello Loneliness, and The Unit Breed.
Poetry by Chris Ubick
Mayday (May 1st 2009) – 6-11pm

1625 SE Woodward st. Portland
(this is a neighborhood gallery…pretty neat tucked away joint).

Cheers. Chris Haberman

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    The Breeze Block Gallery also has an opening tonight.

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