Review & Pictures: PDX Pop Now! 2009

Posted by Mike Harper

Deeley Ceelay

Deelay Ceelay @ PDX Pop Now!

Despite the fires of hell winking down on Portland via the noonday sun this entire weekend, people refrained from hiding in air-conditioned bars and apartments and popped up for PDX Pop Now! Fest at Rotture in multitudes. Over 24 hours of live local bands played over the expanse of 3 days, and all for the fantastic price of FREE! If there weren’t enough amazing events this past weekend already, leave it to PPN! to hand us

I spent my weekend drowning in sweat between the Oregon Brewers Fest (sweet, hoppy, waterside refreshment), the Portland Zine Symposium (the cut and paste community at its best), a smattering of random little shows, but Friday and Saturday had me glued to the steadfast supply of music that was PDX Pop Now! Fest.

Friday played the spectrum, from the elaborate collision of Chamber of Commerce (Blue Cranes and Paxselin Quartet), to the raucous event that was Animal Farm (random, uninvited dancing white girl included), ending with great sets by Explode Into Colors and The Minus 5. Morning Teleportation got the young crowd dancing early despite the heat on Saturday. On the outside stage Magic Johnson showed Portland some punk love, opening the hottest set of the day.

Once the sun hid behind the array of random buildings on 3rd, everyone filed inside for Church. Despite the huge fans indoors, the fans of Church kept that muggy inside stage cozy. Tara Jane O’Neil played a bit of tambourine hand-out before Deeley Ceelay put on a smoke-n-mirrors show of syncopated madness! Laura Gibson cooled down the crowd with her folky soft cooing before Nice Nice, Pierced Arrows and Strength came on stage to fill out a perfect day of music (despite power surges and heat waves).

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Laura Gibson

Laura Gibson by openmikeharper

Laura Gibson by openmikeharper

Magic Johnson

IMG_0218 by openmikeharper

IMG_0217 by openmikeharper

IMG_0215 by openmikeharper

Morning Teleportation

IMG_0212 by openmikeharper

IMG_0210 by openmikeharper

IMG_0198 by openmikeharper

White Hinterland

IMG_0195 by openmikeharper

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