Win Tickets: Kung Fu Double Feature @ Hollywood Theatre | Grindhouse Film Festival

We have have a pair of tickets to the Kung Fu Double Feature @ Hollywood Theater. To win, comment on this post why you would like to attend. Winner will be drawn on Friday, March 4.


From our sponsors at Grindhouse Film Festival:
Grindhouse Film Festival Presents…
Kung Fu Double Feature
Saturday, March 5
Invisible Pole Fighter @ 7 p.m.
The Bastard Swordsman @ 9 p.m.
$7 per movie | $10 double feature
Buy Tickets

Hollywood Theatre
4122 NE Sandy Boulevard

This Saturday March 5th at the Hollywood Theatre, The Grindhouse Film Festival presents an incredible kung fu double feature: the martial arts masterpiece INVINCIBLE POLE FIGHTER and the Wu-Tang classic THE BASTARD SWORDSMAN. Extremely rare 35mm prints of two of the greatest crowd-pleasing martial arts films ever made! If you’ve never seen two kung fu masters fight it out inside a large flying cocoon, or witnessed an entire army having their teeth ripped out, here’s your chance! Also, the Hollywood Theatre now serves beer (and is still all-ages). Weird kung fu trailers before each movie!

INVINCIBLE POLE FIGHTER (aka Eight Diagram Pole Fighter) (1984) A family of fighters is ambushed by invaders in a fierce battle that leaves the family’s father and four of six brothers dead. One of the remaining brothers (the Master Killer himself, Gordon Liu) swears revenge, and forces his way into the Shaolin Temple to master his pole fighting skills. When his younger sister is kidnapped by the invaders, it’s payback time. After numerous jaw-dropping fight scenes, there is a massive climactic battle that ranks among the greatest action scenes in movie history. This film is directed by martial arts master Lau Kar Leung and stars Gordon Liu (36th CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN, KILL BILL). If you ask me, this is the greatest kung fu film ever made.

THE BASTARD SWORDSMAN (1983) Every ten years, the Wu Tang Clan has a duel with their rival clan. The chief of the Wu Tang has devoted his life to learning “The Silkworm Technique” of sword fighting, but has failed to master it. At the same time, an orphan in the clan is refused in his requests to learn martial arts until a masked stranger begins training him. Before long, all roads will converge in high-flying sword fighting excitement and surreal special effects. Prepare for your mind to melt out of your skull when the Bastard unleashes his Silkworm Style! If you’ve never seen two kung fu masters fight it out inside a large flying cocoon, here’s your chance!

41 Responses to “Win Tickets: Kung Fu Double Feature @ Hollywood Theatre | Grindhouse Film Festival”

  1. Ben Davenport Says:

    I love some great kung-fu, and love the Hollywood as well, so I would appreciate free tickets!

    • Diana Reid Says:

      Have a friend who loves great kung-fu, would love to be able to take her, so would love some free tickets

  2. Dustin K. Gluvna Says:

    I love all kinds of film and I would love to expand my kung-fu horizons even further.

  3. Dawn Says:

    This would be an awesome date night for the hubby and I.

  4. Mark Fields Says:

    I hope I win this! Quality Kung Fu Movies would be Much Aprreciated!

  5. JJ Says:

    I have a son who is training in Kung Fu who would love to go! Fingers crossed!

  6. Christopher Stumph Says:

    I’m going to attend anyways, even if I don’t win (though I can barely afford to atm).
    However, if I win tickets, I will forcibly drag two unsuspecting accomplices with me in order for them the have the same moment of epiphany I did when I saw my first Kung-Fu move on the big screen(Chinese Super Ninjas aka 5-Element Ninjas). I had a minor appreciation for these films before, but seeing them on the big screen changed that somehow, and I’d love to try to make a few more converts🙂

  7. Hannah Says:

    Brother turns 21. What better than to see movie with beers!! Beers!!

  8. tyler Says:

    Oh man I love kung fu movies, count me in.

  9. miranda Says:

    I have a crush on a clueless guy and this would be a perfect reason to ask him out.

  10. Brooklynne Says:

    Looking for a great way to thank a friend and this would be a good reason to take him out

  11. Pierce Says:

    I’d love to go because I’ve (obviously) never seen these films, I’m a big fan of kung-fu films, and I’ve never been to a bonafide classic double feature before.

  12. amy Says:

    the love of my life and i met while watching the old school wu tang movies…
    Kung fu flicks always have, but especially since then, been SO much fun for he and i…
    call it a late valentines present?
    you rock pdx pipeline!

  13. robert walker Says:

    One must search, to find enlightenment, or does enlightenment find you grasshoppa? down for some tickets…

  14. Jana Says:

    The best Kung Fu moment I’ve ever seen was in a movie where a demon Gorilla got his head punched off by a kung fu master. Can a large flying cocoon beat that? Let me be the judge with free tickets!

  15. Luke Says:

    Does the Wu-Tang Clan count as Kung-Fu? If not, i need some educating. 36 chambers of kung-fu education please.

  16. Jessica Says:

    This is badass, pick me!

  17. Sarah Says:

    My boyfriend does Martial Arts and this would kickstart him into resuming it… in the most FUN POSSIBLE WAY!

  18. Oriana Says:

    I need some kick-ass action to get me through finals week! Can’t wait.

  19. Tucker Says:

    These two movies look AMAZING! I’m there! (if you’ll have me?)

  20. oriana Says:

    winning tix to this would get me major brownie points with my lady, an avid cinephile (and kung-fu film fan). plus, it would get me much-needed education in the world of kung fu films.

  21. Vincent H. Kramer Says:

    I just moved to Portland from Phoenix a week or two ago, and my friend took me to the Hollywood Theatre and I was just astonished by how awesome the building was! It’s probably the coolest theatre I’ve EVER been to. And seeing IP Man 2 there, wow! A place to watch really fucking good kung-fu movies, no way! I was also really excited by the trailers of upcoming movies. Can’t wait to go there a lot.

    But, I have no job yet and can’t afford to go to this double feature, which I’m mad about missing. Please pick me!

  22. Shanna Says:

    Love Kung Fu! Please pick me! THE PIPELINE ROCKS!

  23. MrLunch Says:

    I’d LOVE to go to this. I’ve got a friend visiting from San Fran who would love it as well. Sounds incredible!!!

  24. Michelle Latham Says:

    I would like to win because I haven’t seen either of these movies but they look awesome!

  25. Sherry Says:

    I train in Kung Fu and LOVE to watch martial arts movies. This would be a fantastic date night for me and the beau.. so he can truly appreciate how much I can kick is arse!!

  26. Joe Says:

    I would like to win because I’m a huge grindhouse kung fu nerd who is a loyal attendee at the Hollywood theater

  27. nikki Says:

    wow. this would be so wonderful for my husband. and of course myself. we are big, huge kung fu fans. it would be a nice date night for us.

  28. Paul North Says:

    My mother is on her death bed. Her last request was for some tasty popcorn and a Kung-fu double feature. Please help her with some free tickets before we send her off to Jesus…

  29. megan z Says:

    I am a kung-fu virgin… I need these tickets in order to make my life complete. Please.

  30. james Says:

    I trained in karate for over 10 years and even met my partner there. Part of our dating was at a martial arts film festival; I’ve been dying to check out grindhouse with her.

  31. prissy Says:

    Oh, baby I like it raw!!!

  32. Kelvin Says:

    I like Kung Fu. I play Kung Fu. I love Kung Fu.

  33. denise Says:

    I have Kung Fu shoes. Perfecto! :0)

  34. Beth Says:

    The Silkworm Technique.
    Also, I looove Hollywood Theatre.
    Thanks for this opportunity. Yeah!

  35. jimbobber Says:

    I miss Bruce Lee and I need a new Kung Fu hero to worship (the Karate Kid just didn’t do it for me).

  36. Shayna Says:

    I worked the last 6 days in a row! Now I have a couple days off, and I need something to do and going to Portland for some awesome Kung Fu flicks sounds awesome

  37. Derek Says:

    I’ve never seen either, but I’m curious to see how many quotes I recognize from Wu-tang Clan albums.

  38. Berenice Prado Says:

    In the words of Carl Douglas “They were funky China men from funky Chinatown.They were chopping them up and they were chopping them down.” Now, who would’nt want to watch some of that? I’m going regardless but please let me in for free!

  39. Poppy Glor Says:

    Needing to wax on and wax off my ninja skills. Hiyeeeee ya!

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