Portland Rainbows: Daily Stank Image Bank

Portland Rainbow
Portland Rainbow
Place: Spalding Building
Downtown Portland
Taken on October 16, 2007
Photo by C-Block

The Portland Rain these last few days has been brutal. I was drenched on NW 21st last week on my way to play trivia at the new Ella St Social Club. I was drenched yesterday while walking to the Bonfire to grab the world famous Continental. I was drenched this morning on my way to the new Floyd’s Coffee on SE Morrison.

Yesterday, I decided to build an Ark out of Stumptown coffee cups and collecting two of everything Portland. I had two fixed gears bikes, Multnomah County Library books, IPA beers, hipsters, Turoczys (#2), and was going for two hippies when I realized that riding trimet with that smell for 20 mintues is painful; a couple weeks could be deadly.

So, NEW PLAN. I am hoping that these Portland rainbow pictures will make the rain stop for the rest of May (except on the day of the Rose Parade–that’s just tradition).

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Portland St. Patrick’s Day at East Burn & North 45 | March 17

Are you wanting to enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day and avoid waiting in line for 2 hours at the Kells jerk brawl price-gauge Irish Fest? Here are a couple UPDATE–3 options for your drunken activities.

St Patrick's Costumes at 2009 Portland Urban IditarodIf it seems that all of Portland’s St. Patrick’s Activities happen on the West Side, East Burn will have some East Side Irish activity. They have great $2 pints every Tuesday and the luck of Irish came through this year.

From East Burn: St. Patty’s has fallen on our $2/pint Tuesday and of course we will be slinging $2 honest pints all day (not including Guinness).  We will be serving Mike’s famous Corned Beef & Cabbage with a great beer line-up and featuring Church of Surf on stage @ 10pm.

Last year, I stopped by North 45 with Blizzle and C-Block for a couple beers at North 45*.They have a great back patio setup and their celebration is also a benefit. Also, they just bought Paddy’s, so that should be large as well.

From North 45: It’s officially Guinness drinking season now as we lead up to our 3rd annual St Paddy’s Day Bash. Come join us out back on our tented courtyard for plenty of Guinness, Harp, & Smithwick’s. Fill your belly with Corn Beef & Cabbage, Shepard’s Pie, and Sausage Banger Rolls. The bagpipes will keep you young, and the Jameson’s whiskey** will keep you wild!! Doors open at 4pm. $5 cover supports the OSU Foundation.

Update: Looking for a Gay Old (Irish) time?…or gay young Irish time I guess as well?…I just like the Flinstones. Anyway, this is also FREE and a benefit for the Q Center… Read the rest of this entry »

Daily Stank Image Bank: Metal…Gear?

C-Blockistan of TriMetiquette & his evil twin brother Atom-bomb attended the Metal Gear Solid 4 midnight launch party in the ‘couve last night. Wait – did I say party? Well, if ‘party’ meant a gathering of dudes waiting in line for a video game… then yeah, it was a party.

Line for the Metal Gear Release

Anyway, we arrived pretty early and got a good spot in the line. The image is of the front of the line – there were many a dude lined up behind us.

Metal Gear Solid 4 – Guns of the Patriots is exclusively for the PLAYSTATION 3 console. And, trust me, as someone who has previously owned a Xbox3shitty and currently also owns a Wii & PLAYSTATION 3, if you don’t have a PS3 and you’re a gamer, then, well, you’re really missing the boat. The boat of awesomeness, that is.

So while all of you hipsters & young professionals are out this weekend, this cat is going to be inside, maneuvering Old Snake across the battlefield in the hunt to kill Liquid Ocelot. Send me a friend request if you’re a PS3 owner – PSN ID: depward

**Note from JC: I believe this is our first Vancouver, Washington related post. That’s some serious travel for games…I think. Cheers to C-Blockistan.

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Voodoo Donut’s bacon maple bar pic is so hot right now

Hey, it’s me – C-Block from TriMetiquette – the TriMet riding etiquette blog. When I’m not writing about Portland public transportation news and the like, I’m surfing the internets (it really is a series of tubes).

Looks like I beat Julian AKA Ambassador Jules AKA Ich bin ein Pipeliner to the punch today: an image of Voodoo Donut’s bacon maple bar is currently one of Yahoo’s most emailed photos today. I’d definitely go for it if it had turkey bacon on it…

So to celebrate, why don’t you ride the MAX or local busline down to Voodoo Donuts and try this delectable delight?

Map to Voodoo Donuts

I say ‘shhh’; someone at the courthouse says ‘SHsssss”

Hello, this is C-Block from TriMetiquette. When I’m not writing about TriMet Etiquette, I’m on the lookout for zany Portland weird stuff.

I accompanied my fiancee to the courthouse last week. She was subpoenaed and had to be there for a couple of hours, waiting to hear whether they would need her to testify. I accompanied her to the Multnomah County Courthouse downtown where I spotted this beautiful sign on the third floor:

Honestly, I found this sign to be really weird. I mean, isn’t it “shhh!” or some variation on it? What exactly does “SHsssss” mean and how do you pronounce it?

Do you say, “SHsssss!” Would that be how you would write it down? If not, do you think it’s a little weird?

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Daily Stank Image Bank: “Blood on The Max”

C-Block sent this iPhone picture over to me. Perhaps it was “Some Guy” upset about the Fairless Square “fare increase disguised as a solution”. Come on “Some Guy”, our fair transportation system threatened by blood….“Like THAT’s going to happen!”

tri-met, portland oregon max,

“I snapped this photo this morning. It looked like freshly-caked blood. This wasn’t ketchup nor was it salsa – this was the B-to-the-L-to-the-double-O-D.

How do I know this? ‘Cos C-Block knows all.”

Yes, the C-block has a way with words…

Daily Stank Image Bank: The Original Schnitzelwich

Schnitzelwich, Portland, Oregon

C-Block and I went down to my favorite Portland food cart on Friday. Even though it was freezing outside, there was still a good line at 12:30. Here is the description of the “Original Schitzelwich” from the website:

Breaded pork loin or chicken breast in a Ciabatta roll with lettuce, paprika spread, sautéed onion and horseradish, $6.00
It is too late now (ha!) for you to get your Vitch on, but Monday is a new day full of Czech cuisine possibilities. (Schnitzelwitch.com)


Downtown at SW 5th and Stark

Hours: 10 am – 3 pm
Monday – Friday

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Stumptown Baristas Find Me Irresistible

C-Block and I go down to the Ace Hotel Stumptown occasionally (b/c there is also a bar?) to mix it up from the downtown and to get that sweet coffee without the Mayor of Belmont knowing–he knows when you’ve been sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, and he really knows if you are on SE Belmont (between SE 14th and 34th, otherwise he does not know).

Apparently, my obvious hotness (or C-Block’s), has caused a great American Writer (Esquire Yo!) to get his coffee in a bunch. I apologize Mr. David Katz. We can’t help being ridiculously good-looking.

Got my Coffee, Stumptown Coffee,Aalto Lounge,  Se Belmont, Portland, Oregon, 97204

From the fine journalism (award-winning, what you got?) that is the WW:

The January issue of Esquire arrived in my mailbox on Friday with a special gift: a hilarious rant (sadly, not available online) by section editor David Katz that might be about the Stumptown Coffee in the Ace Hotel.

The evidence is circumstantial: Katz complains that he is forced to wait interminably in a cafe attached to his hotel in “Seattle or Portland or Brooklyn” (just when did that trio start to make sense?) while the barista dotes on a young thing (“her right pant leg is rolled up a few inches”) taking her sweet time to order a cuppa the “High Mountain Sumatran Mild.”

And that’s got him steamed. He writes…Oh, you know that you want to know what he writes…so here ya go

Daily Stank Image Bank: Malice at the Holiday Ale Festival

Malice at the Holiday Ale Festival, Portland, Oregon

Update: Interview & Photos With Malice: Let Her Entertain You

I went to the Holiday Ale Festival yesterday with the Amplify-Interactive crew. There were a lot of people and a crazy amount of good beers. I had one in particular called Scaldis Noel that was 12%. That was some tasty but rough stuff (C-block didn’t fare so well for the experience of having one after 3 or 4 other beers).

Anyway, it is still going on–and you too might see Portland’s most famous adult dancer (also model, actress and Rock video essential), Malice, out there.

More info on the Holiday Ale Beer Festival in Pioneer Courthouse Square

Reminder Nov 17: “(She) be to rap what key be to lock”–Lady Bug Mecca (Digable Planets), Freddy Fresh at Pala!

From earlier Post:

Nov 17: “(She) be to rap what key be to lock”–Lady Bug Mecca (Digable Planets), Freddy Fresh at Pala!

There was a brief period in my life (mid 88- mid 91) where I mostly shunned hip-hop and only listened to Suicidal Tendencies, Flaming Lips, Chainsaw Kittens, Fishbone, Pantera, Bad Brains, old Metallica…

actually I will just stop now but there was a lot of “head banging” and yes, the Flaming Lips actually did go in this list if you knew them in this period.

Lady Bug Mecca at Pala Lounge, Portland, Oregon

Digable Planets was one of the hip-hop groups to bring me back. It was impossible to deny the skills of this group and the enjoyment nearly everyone gets (C-Block excluded) when hearing their music. After 2 albums, they just disappeared though. You would see solo shows here and there and I heard Lady Bug got sick. I don’t know if she was sick or not–but Saturday–she is at PALA and I can’t wait to see it. PLUS, Freddy Fresh…Ravi is always nice to see as well.

PALA Lounge
105 NW 3rd Ave
PDX, Oregon 97209
United States

PS. Sorry, but I can’t make out the large amount of writing on that flyer either without straining an eye or both

PPS> Anonymous-i sent the info over before this post went live, so continue reading for that Anonymous-i proudly presents…… Read the rest of this entry »

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