August 30: Malice's Return To Portland Party With DJ Smooth Hopperator @ Star Bar

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Malice’s return party w/ dj Smooth Hopperator
August 30, 2011 | 9:00Pm – Close

Star Bar | 639 SE Morrison St. | Portland, OR 97214
Facebook event

Malice is returning to PDX for 10 days, starting with a party at Star Bar Tuesday August 30th from 9pm-close! Come say hi, give her some love, and stay for some great tunes and awesome drinks & eats!!!…and dont forget the vegan Jello shots!


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End Of An Era: Malice Is Leaving Portland + Final Dates @ Sassy’s

Well, sad news for Portland. Our most famous adult entertainer is moving to LA at the end of this month. I contacted Malice to see if she had any last dates here in Portland and she’ll be at Sassy’s Thursday-Saturday through the end of July. I imagine that last day, July 31, will be quite a scene over there.

Portland (& the 97214) will miss you. Check her out before she’s gone.

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Interview & Photos With Malice: Let Her Entertain You

Interview by Sasha Burchuk / Photos by Christine Taylor

What do Min Pins, True Crime, Solid Gold dancers, guns, Monte Carlos, and beautiful sunsets all have in common? They’re all things that Malice loves.

With its wood paneling and red ambient lighting Sassy’s could have easily been David Lynch’s inspiration for One Eyed Jacks in Twin Peaks. It’s nine p.m. on a Saturday night and I’m here to see Malice dance.

Malice interviewI want to talk to you about your show. You seem to have generated a lot of a buzz around town and made an impression on the Portland scene by staging a strip show that’s both sexy and theatrical. I’d like to know what goes in to how you create that theatrical experience. How do you approach performing and where do you find inspiration for inventing your act?

It’s all from music. When I listen to songs I make up my own music videos in my mind, but I’m a dancer so I have to try to put myself in these videos and imagine a way of evoking that song and presenting it to other people the way that I see it. I pick my own sets and my sets always have a theme whether its religion or death…some are just about girls, boys, or wild animals.

I think that there are a lot of really high expectations though. The audience wants it to be Cirque du Soleil but then a lot of them don’t even want to tip a dollar, and if you don’t do the trick when they say they take their dollar back. And you’re like its just a dollar, and really honestly in this day and age for a dollar, this is a lot that we’re doing!

So I try to put on the best show that I can but sometimes if you’re getting that much of a negative reaction from the crowd you just want to piss them off. That’s when I put on my gangster rap or that’s when I bring out my gun.

Malice in Monte

Is it a real gun or a toy gun?

No it’s a fake gun. I have brought out real guns before but that was when I did Dante’s. Real guns are really heavy…and my stripper bag is so heavy as it is, it probably weighs more than me.

What’s in your stripper bag anyway?

I have so many props and costumes and my outfits are just little tiny bikinis but the props are so heavy. I have this axe that’s made of a cow bone and feathers, and guns, a bunch of wigs, the nun costume, a bunch of dildos and strap-ons, a blow-up doll, a bunch of clothes for me and the blow-up doll, a Freddy Kruger costume, a lot of things.

That’s a pretty awesome cornucopia, can you tell me more about how you’ve developed that aesthetic?

Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer. I love B-movies, I love the aesthetic and the music of the 70s and 80s. I also love naked chics dancing to music, period and I love being in the environment of naked chics dancing to music – or half-naked chics, lingerie, whatever – that alone I think is enough to make a perfect day sometimes: seeing a beautiful woman dancing to music, I love that.

It can be relaxing.

It is relaxing! I was on the streets for years and I feel like my view of the world was really negative and just from the moment I woke up in the day, smelling piss and shit, looking at other bums, shit was just fucked-up looking – I remember Duran Duran had some line in some song talking about how he loves a pretty view or something like that, and I was thinking that that’s beautiful, I just want to have a nice view. You know I could just die tomorrow and know that the last thing that I saw was some naked ladies dancing…or maybe a beautiful sunset. That just means the world to me.

People tend to look at the dancing industry as something that’s just wanton and perverse. How do you see it?

There is that element; I mean sometimes I’m a pervert too. I have a different moral background probably than most people, you know I was force-fed religion. But everyone has a right to their beliefs. As far as human sexuality, I think its really beautiful and natural and I really like to admire human bodies. I can see the art in it and the sexuality. At the clubs where I work the audience is pretty 50-50 men and women. Women come in there sometimes more than men, and most of those women are straight women, they have husbands and boyfriends, children – but they love to watch the art. They like to see a strong woman embrace her sexuality and perform. They want to be that strong too.

Would you say you’re revamping the burlesque?

A lot of people have been doing that for a while, trying to bring back Burlesque. I don’t think that I’m a big innovator of that particularly but a lot of premeditation goes in to the dancing I do. You know I did burlesque at Dante’s for a number of years and put on shows but I feel like the shows that I do really belong in a strip club. I like traditional burlesque and think that it should kind of be kept the way that it is, and there are girls here doing that.

So what has encouraged you to branch off in to doing more film?

I’m 34 now and I’d already kind of planned to stop dancing around 35. I don’t want to be some dated dancer, and I’m already at the point where I’m talking too much negative shit about the way that it is. I think what prevented me from being that way in the first place was that I never was a hustler, I’ve always been really in to the art of it and I love it and I don’t want to wait until I’ve stopped loving it – but its kind of starting to get repetitious and painful now and so I feel like I need to recreate myself a little bit. But I really love to entertain people – so I’ve been trying to find ways to do that.

How’s it feel to be on screen, is it like being on stage?

It is the same. It’s been so local, so Portland, that it’s not really different to me, you know most of the people who have seen these films know me.

You were in The Auteur and it won awards, didn’t it?

Yeah! It went to a film festival in New York and a bunch of other places. James Westby is a great director I think he’s going to be huge. I just did another video with him, for Storm Large, its called Eight Miles Wide and we saw the premier of that last night, it was great.

And then what’s the film that you’re working on with Jedediah?

That’s a little trailer called Trail of Fears about a Native American guy who comes and kills a bunch of kids in a cabin. People won’t recognize me in that probably – I’m all covered up and I’ve got a wig on and I’m all 70s-looking.

So even if you quit the dancing biz now, or rather next year, it seems that you’ve managed to create a legacy of performance art in the strip scene. How do you feel about that?

Well that’s good, if I leave some kind of mark that’s all I could hope for anyways. That’s why I do so many photo shoots, because it’s evidence. I didn’t ever want it to be something that made me evident now. As far as now, I don’t need to be noticed now. That’s cool or whatever. Sometimes people have come up to me and been like oh you’re famous, and I’m just like I live in Portland, come on. Its mostly Portland people that know me – and the world is a lot bigger than Portland. When I think of a famous person I think of someone like, Michael Jackson or something. THAT’S FAME…That’s not what I’m striving for.


XXX Halloween Party at The Mansion | “Scary & Sexy” | Rachel Reckless, Malice, Pistolita | October 25


Go Here for Current Year–> Portland Halloween Parties, Events, Costumes Contests, Pictures


I think this will qualify as the most adult and stripper-tastic Portland Halloween party this year. The best thing is that it is a week earlier. That way, you can go to this insanity and have almost a full week to rest up before the real deal.

Info from Rachel Reckless and Pyscho Magnet:

XXX Halloween Party Portland, Oregon

“the kinkiest sickest adult haunted house real zombies and whores of the devil!!!”

Rachael Reckless has, once again, teamed up with My House Productions to expose the public to another creative innovation. The people who brought you the Stripper Olympics have  now teamed up to fuse sexy and scary in the XXX Haunted House. The event takes place October 25th at the Mansion (located at 2422 S.E. 9th) The cover price is only $20 and this includes your first two drinks and a fistful of raffle tickets giving you a few chances to win some prizes.

The doors open at 7 p.m. giving you a chance to mingle  with some of the shows sexy entertainers like Rachael Reckless, Malice, and Pistolita. Don’t forget to show up in your scariest costume for a chance to win the $666 dollar prize! Myspace here

2422 SE 9th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

More Portland Halloween parties & events here
Portland Halloween Pictures from last year

The Pipeline will be rolling around on Halloween weekend (and the weekend prior) with live pictures, tweets, and possibly video of the events. The easiest way to follow that will be

Never heard of the Mansion…neither have I. According to Google Streetview, this is what is there…and it looks a bit spooooooky. Read the rest of this entry »

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Daily Stank Image Bank: Malice at the Holiday Ale Festival

Malice at the Holiday Ale Festival, Portland, Oregon

Update: Interview & Photos With Malice: Let Her Entertain You

I went to the Holiday Ale Festival yesterday with the Amplify-Interactive crew. There were a lot of people and a crazy amount of good beers. I had one in particular called Scaldis Noel that was 12%. That was some tasty but rough stuff (C-block didn’t fare so well for the experience of having one after 3 or 4 other beers).

Anyway, it is still going on–and you too might see Portland’s most famous adult dancer (also model, actress and Rock video essential), Malice, out there.

More info on the Holiday Ale Beer Festival in Pioneer Courthouse Square

Malice is in a New Video Shot in Portland and the Band Plays at Holocene on November 15th

Description: Kelly Moe stars as diva stripper of Devil’s Point with a whole lot more than meets the eye! Featuring Maile Thiesen (bassist) & cameos by Malice & Viva Las Vegas! Directed by James Westby & Erica Brown.

Update: Interview & Photos With Malice: Let Her Entertain You

I am putting it behind the cut because it is possibly not work appropriate–although it does say censored, where is the uncensored?— and also the video might just start playing when you hit this page due to it’s Myspaceness (seriously, why aren’t you people on Facebook instead?)

Oh yeah, the Band is Basic Fix and they play the Holocene on November 15th

More stories/posts on Malice here on the Pipeline. Read the rest of this entry »

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That’s Portland–Go Ask Malice about S-E-X

Local Dancer/Stripper/Actor-Celebrity (I mean how many places have those?) Malice has teamed up with a Website called “The Blacklist: All Things Dark, Spooky, and Evil in Portland Oregon” to answer questions about Sex. (Digg This!)

Yep, that’s right. Look out Mr. Dan Savage–new competition in town. And no offense but–this could be some serious competition–Malice is rather…ummm..HOT!

“ask me any sex question you want i wont know who you are dont be shy…you can be sillly or serious…i have an answer for every sex question seriously!!

You can ask these questions at the site or on her myspace blog. For some reason, she hasn’t gotten many yet (Dude*, did you read that quote and look at her pics–where are you people?).

So, go on over ask your “silly or serious” sex question to Malice.

Some quick facts:

  • I know she dances at Sassy’s…I mean that is what I heard🙂
    She also dances at two or three other places which I imagine are listed on her myspace page
  • She won the barfly’s top Stripper Barfy award last year.
  • She is in the new Portland Film “The Auteur” that did a special screening at Clinton St the other day. It is a comedy about a porn director.
  • I’ve seen her in a few music videos and fashion ads (like here Rating=NC17), but I can’t recall what they were at the moment…I’ll try to ask her.

EDIT: Malice just informed me that she is not writing at that site anymore as she might be moving the Q&A to another publication soon(A real challenge to the Mercury?!!).

So, just go to her myspace if you want to ask something in the meantime.

*Reference Quota

Portland August Events 2011

Portland EventsWe don't have the standard events calendar of many sites. Our monthly lists are curated to not be overwhelming and help you quickly find interesting events in the Portland area. We add to it often so maybe you should bookmark it & come back daily. :)

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Tonight: Portland Strip Club Industry Awards Show | “PDX Strippies”

The first Portland Strip Club Awards take place tonight at Mt Tabor Theater. The “Strippies” should be a very well-attended event considering there are over 50 adult clubs in town and our reputation as “Strip City”. They are giving out over $1000 worth of prizes to the audience including pole-dancing lessons and a basket of PR0N.

Update —Pictures: Portland Strip Club Industry Awards Show – “PDX Strippies” | NSFW

Related info and events on Pipeline:

From the press release:
December 6: Portland Strip Club Industry Awards ("PDX Strippies") @ MT Tabor Theater2010 PDX STRIPPIE AWARDS
Portland Strip Club Industry Awards
Monday December 6th
Mount Tabor Theater
4811 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard
Portland, OR 97215-3251 – (503) 360-1450

Doors open @9pm
$10 pre-sale tickets at Mt. Tabor Theater box office
$13 tickets at the door night of show
VIP tickets now sold out
Buy tickets here

This is the first ever awards show honoring one of the industries that has made Portland famous and fun…the Strip Club Industry!

We’ll be honoring the brightest and best stars of the local strip club circuit: clubs, bartenders, DJs, bouncers…but mostly DANCERS! We’ll be handing out trophies and prizes. Come see all the hottest local talent that will be in attendance! Hosted by Rocket, Hezzy & Lavinia with performances by “Miss Pole Erotica 2010Read the rest of this entry »

75+ Portland Weekend Events, Parties & Free Tickets | July 29 – August 1

Leigh sent out his weekly email of Portland weekend events earlier today. It is mostly reproduced below with some additions by Pipeline. You can get the email and your chance to win hookups for shows and deals by emailing leighfeldman3 @ gmail and asking to join

There are many listings so we have put events in red (blue = linked!) that we think will be good, well attended, or should be interesting.

Reminder: We give out free tickets to our Portland Facebook Group including to many of the top music and art venues in Portland. Join it if you like free stuff. Not on Facebook? Join our email list and win there.

From Leigh Feldman:
Things I’m currently jocking…

Free ish… We have tix here and will be giving away some on twitter (add @leighfeldman3) to Curren$y (Sat), a VIP booth to MASSIVE (Sat), a pass to the Sol Designe Wine & Cheese tasting (mon) and tix to ‘Weird Al’ Yankovich (tues)! Wanna win any of them? Forward this email to a friend, have them write us asking to join the group and we’ll enter you both in a drawing to win – or you can find us on facebook at to get tickets, music and info on weekly events. (these are from Leigh, not Pipeline. Email/follow him to win these.)

Free music ish… This LIVE set from Coachella from DJ Excel – – For those of you that missed DJ Excel at Coachella, lucky for you and me and everyone, you can check him out at MASSIVE this Saturday July 31st at the Crown Room!

Awesome Ish… You Can Also Win Tickets to Helium Comedy Club, Rooftop Cinema, Oregon Zoo Concerts, Crystal Ballroom, & BarFly Bus on PDXPipeline here.

More Awesome ish… The end of the month is approaching, which means MASSIVE is almost upon us! Come celebrate the end of July on the 31st with us a Crown Room for what will surely be one crazy evening. Special performer, special dj and some really special surprises! And of course, MASSIVE is free till 10:30 for those part of LifeisaParty. See you at the end of the month!

Life is a party, everyone is just waiting to be invited.
See you all out and about! Leigh Feldman

Portland Thursday Events, July 29

Friday, Saturday & Sunday after the break… Read the rest of this entry »


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