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Google Street Bike Mapping in Seattle
Google Maps/Street View Camera Bike
Seattle, Washington
Taken on July 23, 2009
Photo by  Slightlynorth

It appears that Google is bike trail mapping Seattle, but why not here in the best bike city in America? Has anyone seen on of these in Portland? Does anyone have more info about it? Buehler?

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The Portland Night (Bike) Ride Cometh: July 11

(We are GIVING AWAY 4 Tickets to this! Information on winning below)

Portland Night Ride
From pdxktv

Did you think the bike parties were over just b/c Pedalpalooza and World Naked Bike ride have passed us by? Wrong. The Portland Night Ride is this weekend and looks like a lot of fun after watching that video.

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Press Release and Testimonial from Meetin Portland below:

Saturday, July 11, 9:00 PM – 12:00 AM

THE NIGHT RIDE is a fantastically fun (and easy!) 15-mile bicycle ride happening on July 11. The route, starting and ending at the Portland train station, features fire dancers, an outdoor screening of movies from the wildly popular Filmed by Bike festival, a disco party rest stop, mysteries at every turn and well-marked routes with glowing signs. The Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers kicks off the ride, and Zimba Marimba brings it to a close at the finish line ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT DOUGHNUT FEAST!

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Valentine’s Weekend: Mini Bike Winter | February 12-15

OK, forget flowers and candy and dinners–THIS is what you take your special someone to this Valentine’s weekend. Look at that flyer. Nothing says Valentine’s like a skull and “badass challenge”. Hey, need a place to crash after all the romantic wining and dining? How about crashing with a cuddly Zoobomber (Email

Other Portland Valentines Weekend Events here

From Zoobomb
Mini Bike Winter

Minibike Winter in Portland, OR is right around the corner, this Valentines day weekend! Come join us for the debauchery, drinking, and riding bikes.

Full schedule here:

And of course, the brutal Ben Hurt III Chariot Wars is on Valentines Day itself:

Hope to see you out there, or maybe at least talking about it on the Interwebs!
Take care, Gabriel Amadeus Tiller

For those of you who might not know…Gabriel is a bike-jousting expert…award-winning I believe

Mini Bike Winter Schedule from site after the jump…. Read the rest of this entry »

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June 28: Sprockettes Bicycle Bash | Bikes, Beer, Art, Dancing and Mayhem

Spockettes Bike Bash Party, Portland, Oregon

From the Sprockettes:

Announcing the Sprockette Bicycle Bash!!!!!
JUNE 28th THIS SATURDAY!! 8PM (show starts at 9PM, please be on time!!!)
ALL AGES!!!!! (please no outside alcohol)
21+ Bar with I.D
Tickets are 5$ available at the door, also at Brownpapertickets. com and During the day at the Multnomah County Bike Fair June 28th at Colonels Sumners Park the same day of the event …..June 28th…..
(we recommend purchasing tickets prior to the event…)

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June 26: Big Lebowski + Bikes | Pedalpalooza | Laurelhurst Park

big leboskiThe Dude abides…Laurelhurst Park 6:30

“You didn’t think I was rolling out of here naked!”

Wear your bathrobe. The Big Lebowski themed ride finishes at the AMF Pro 300 Bowling Alley on SE Powell where bike parking, cheap bowling, and specials on White Russians await!

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Win a Hot Lips Pizza

From PortlandOnline’s SmartTrips/Commuter Central blog:

Read the Blog – Win Free Pizza

Here’s a great chance to earn free Hot Lips Pizza!  Simply answer these four questions (all answers can be found here on the blog) and submit them here ( We’ll select three winners!


1.Which number do you call for downtown traffic alerts?


2. How many tickets do you need to buy to ride the entire streetcar loop all day long?


3. By simply walking to the bus or train, how much more likely is a transit rider to achieve 30 minutes of daily exercise than a car commuter?


4. How long does a three-mile bike commute at a nosweat, 10 mph pace take? (hint: think fried dough…)


Pizza Car






I’d like a large pizza, hold the CO2

PS. I am a member of their email list/RSS feed and I ordered the Smart Trips packet=changed my life.

Go over there check out what they are doing. 

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Sept 6: 2007 bicycle film festival kickoff event presented by Vice Magazine @ Holocene

*Welcome to a new contributor,

Vice Magazine, home of the scathing Dos and Don’ts feature among other sarcasm-laden cultural commentary tidbits, is hosting (in conjunction with Dewar’s) the kickoff event for the 2007 Bicycle Film Festival this Thursday, September 6th at Holocene. The evening will start off with a debate entitled “Bikes or Cars?” followed by music from Flosstradamus and DJ Beyonda. The debate will begin at 8:30, but Dewar’s will be pouring complimentary cocktails starting at 7:30.

I attended the Debate Club co-sponsored by the Portland Mercury and the Bus Project last month (topic: Bikes vs. Cars) at rontoms, and, as you might imagine, it was very much a pro-bike affair; considering the fact that the car-friendly camp was 50% represented by Mel Zucker of the Oregon Transportation Institute, an old-guard type armed with arguments based on utterly irrelevant statistics, the panel was hardly balanced.

Bemont Bike Shadow and Fizzy K in Radio Flyer

The Bus Project has not yet announced the topic for September’s Debate Club, but the August forum on gentrification was sufficiently lively to compel me to encourage anyone with even a shred of interest in local goings-on to attend future events. The Vice shindig promises “two masters of argumentation,” setting the bar rather high, but hey, even if the discussion is weak and the point-making is flimsy, there’s going to be FREE BOOZE.


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