Tonight: Benefit For Colin @ Aalto Lounge

Pipeline friend and Aalto bartender Colin Brogan (red shirt) needs an expensive surgery (health care bill?), and having a benefit at the Aalot Lounge tonight. Considering he’s one SE’s favorite bartenders and been at Aalto forever, there should be a great crowd down there.

Message from Colin:
Aalto lounge, Portland, OregonHello Friends!

As many of you already know, I injured my back eight months ago doing something. Not really sure what. Maybe playing soccer, maybe carrying a keg, maybe something else. As a result of this injury, I’ve been experiencing severe sciatic nerve pain in my left leg for over four months now, and the only way it’s ever going to get better is with an expensive surgery called a microdiscectomy, which I’m having done later this month.

In order to help pay for this life-enhancing surgery I will be hosting a party this coming Monday night at the Aalto Lounge on Belmont, where I’ll be pouring you cheap drinks ($3 old crow all night!),  DJ spiltpills will be rocking you, and I’ll be graciously accepting donations as well as receiving some portion of the night’s sales.

So please come out and enjoy yourself, there will be so many good people in the room that it’s sure to be a great time. Looking forward to seeing you there. And thanks!


Flyer after the break… Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s Jakes Birthday! Caves, They Live, DJ Nightscool | March 25: Dunes

Posted by (& photos by) Julian Chadwick

If you have spent time at Aalto Lounge or Bye N Bye, you have probably met one Portland’s most beloved bartenders-Jake of Caves. Tomorrow is Jake’s birthday and Caves are playing at Dunes. Go have a good time and buy that man a drink*.

From Gatsby/They Live:
It’s Jake Caves’ bday so we’re gonna get weird down @ Dunes 3/25. Caves, They Live, and DJ Nightschool (Brace Payne of The Gossip) & Son are playing. I vow to wear a sweater.

It’s They Live’s first PDX gig since their very first gig ever, which was also with Caves @ the Someday Lounge. We know the good dudes of Caves from the handful of awesome shows we’ve played with them as They Live or in my other crew, Cancer Rising. I look forward to partying hard, sleeping on their couch, and, with any luck, having a steak breakfast @ the Acropolis.

The “Weed Murder” video I linked you to has a guest spot from Barfly of Seatown’s The Saturday Knights- who is actually the man who first introduced me to how awesome Caves were.

THEY LIVE is a bonafide 206/West Coast supergroup, consisting of Read the rest of this entry »

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Soft Focus at Bagdad Theater: Dead Moon, Stephen Malkmus & Scotch | December 4

Dead Moon, Dewar’s Scotch, and the Bagdad…sounds like a good Thursday party.
More First Thursday Portland Events & Parties

From Viceland / Vice Magazine:

For the fourth episode of Soft Focus, Season 3, Ian Svenonius will interview Fred and Toody of Dead Moon and Stephen Malkmus in Portland at the Bagdad. Ian will be DJing the afterparty at Aalto Lounge.

A live taping of interviews with musicians Fred and Toody of Dead Moon & Stephen Malkmus

December 4th, 7 – 10
Bagdad Theater
3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

Followed by a Post-interview Afterparty
At which Ian Svenonius will select and play records from his extensive collection at Aalto Lounge, 3356 SE Belmont St.
10 pm until…

RSVP at:

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Feb 9: Granny Panties Valentine’s Bazaar | Aalto Lounge

Apparently, it will be Valentine’s Day soon and the craft events are in full effect. If the Etsy Plan B show isn’t enough, how about this Granny Panties (yep) show. You still have four or so hours.

Granny Panties Craft Bazaar, Aalto Lounge, Portland, Oregon Granny Panties Valentine’s Bazaar Saturday, Feb. 9th 11:00am – 4:00pm

Aalto Lounge 3356 SE Belmont St. (just of SE 34th) Portland, OR 97214

This is the second annual Granny Panties Valentine’s Day Bazaar and there should be 20 or so vendors.

Head on over to SE Belmont and get your shop on at this fun bar converted to a indie-designer wonderland!

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Jan 21: Aalto Monday Movie Night | Fully Flared | “a 1.5-hour shoe commercial”


Early on in his career, Spike Jonze made a handful of short films with his skateboarding friends. Before I even knew who Spike was, I was watching his tiny movies that peppered the Girl and Chocolate videos. He’d have Rick Howard bump his head on a car trunk in the city and suddenly find himself in the middle of the wilderness. And what do you do when you wake up surrounded by jungle flora? Well you skate it, of course. You grind fallen logs. You kickflip over turtles.

Looks like Spike hasn’t left skateboarding completely in the wake of Fame. He returns with “Fully Flared“, a video he did for Lakai Limited, a shoe company. LIke every skateboard video, a company puts up the money (Lakai, in this case) so that all the little kids who later watch it will think that the reason they can’t nollie over their sister is because they don’t have a pair of Lakai skate shoes. So, yes, it’s a 1.5-hour shoe commercial, but it’s brilliant and beautiful, the best shoe commercial I’ve every seen, and the snippets directed by Spike Jonze are nuggets of gold. Skateboarders falling and shattering like glass. Skateboarders grinding exploding walls. Skateboarders shooting laser beams out of their eyes and melting a handrail. Magical realism for your skate park.

Come watch. It’s tonight at 8pm, at the Aalto Lounge (SE 34th and Belmont). And it’s absolutely free.

Simon G.

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Jan 7: Movie Night at Aalto Lounge | Overboard | “lots of sweaty 80’s (trailer) s-e-x”

Just got an email from the M.O.B. himself about tonight’s movie night. I got this lovely picture from The Daily Mail. I have to say that I am a fan of this movie, although I haven’t seen it in many years. This is what I remember though. Kurt Russell and family trick Goldie Hawn that she is Kurt’s wife. I can’t remember why, but I think it is something about Kurt being poor and therefore can’t get a wife in the old-fashioned way.

They then have some elaborate lying scenes and she finds out that she is not his wife and some rich guy’s wife. The rich guy (who, of course is a jerk and not Kurt Russell hot), finds her and there are some elaborate boat scenes (elaborate is today’s word). She decides she would rather be with Kurt and his broke-a$$ family instead of the not-as-hot-as-Kurt (5 dash points!) rich guy. Boom! I thought that is how poor people got married until I was 12 because of this.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

Movie Night returns from its holiday hiatus with a splash tonight, and if I told you to leave your galoshes at home, I’d being doing you a huge disservice. The movie for tonight: the 1987 masterwork called Overboard. That’s right, the same one starring longtime onscreen and offscreen lovers Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell (in fact, it is rumored by people who have too much time on their hands that the two fell in love on the set, and probably had lots of sweaty ’80s s-e-x in their trailers).
Come out and dumb out. When: Tonight, 8pm sharp! Where: Aalto Lounge! SE 34th and Belmont! What: Overboard!
Simon G.

Dec 10: Helvetica | Monday Movie Night | Aalto Lounge

Due to technical difficulties, Helvetica was not played last week at the Aalto. It will be playing tonight. Here is information about that from last week’s post.

Dec 3: Helvetica | Monday Movie Night | Aalto Lounge

The Mayor of Belmont (could he beat Sam Adams ole wise Willamette Week?) is playing Helvetica at Aalto Lounge. The Northwest Film Center ran this film last month. After the jump is info from that posting:

Aalto Lounge
Dec 5th
SE 34th and Belmont
Portland, OR 97214
21+ NoCover, but must compliment the Mayor on his hat

Nov 25: “Few who read newspapers, books, ads or even film subtitles are consciously aware of the typefaces employed” Read the rest of this entry »

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