From Band Sleater-Kinney’s guitarist tests out the new video game Rock Band.

Local Band (former now) Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein is featured in Slate Magazine…here is the beginning:

Band Sleater-Kinney’s guitarist tests out the new video game Rock Band.

Illustration by Robert Neubecker. Click image to expand.The game Rock Band has been haunting me like a bad ring tone. It gets stuck in my head and momentarily effaces all that I love about music. I first learned about it during a short stint at an ad agency in Portland, Ore., where I was asked to come up with a few ideas to help promote the game…Read More at

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Daily Stank Image Bank: Seattle Seahawks Win!

Seattle Seahwaks Backpack

*Stumptown Coffee from Floyd’s on SE Belmont*

Perhaps, you’ve seen me playing the part of the Portland Tourist lately. I’ve been asking directions, staying down at Marriott Waterfront, and just trying to figure out how not have the same formulaic Portland Tourist article–and help these tourists out besides rain, hipsters, and go to Voodoo, the Doug Fir, etc.

Besides, my moms and g-moms are on there way here Wednesday, so I need to know what it is like to be a tourists and how we treat them.

OK, part of it was wearing this fantastic Seattle Seahawks (Walgreens 39th/Belmont–oh I gots the trappa-keeppa too!) backpack. I also hope that by wearing it, perhaps we might actually use our freaking timeouts this week and win (Yo, Walrus, use those timeouts!)

Seattle Seahwaks Backpack

It was close…way too close considering we were playing the Bengals(Bengals’ defensive collapse might be the worst yet under Lewis).

But, we/they won…and now we/they have a winning record and I think we can get to the play-offs. Do you?

From Yahoo Sports: Burleson, stars rescue Seahawks in 24-21 win over Bengals – Sep 23

*Seattle Seahawks-Bag iPhone Pictures taken by C-Block in the Spalding Building, Downtown Portland
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Slate Magazine: “Why Portland is America’s indie rock Mecca.” By Taylor Clark

We’ve got another article proclaiming our greatness…this time at

The Indie City

Photograph of Stephen Malkmus by Karl Walter/Getty Images.

Stephen Malkmus. Click image to expand.

I never paid much attention to the band-rehearsal squawk that used to waft through the open windows of my house in the early evenings. The leafy, artsy neighborhood where I live on the east side of Portland, Ore., is home to many a band, after all, and this squawk—though unusually loud and yelpy—sounded like a typical Pabst– and angst-fueled racket. But one day, as I was running in a park adjacent to the squawk-producing home, I realized how mistaken I’d been…READ MORE at

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CNN: Formulaic Writing on Portland Continues? Oh YES!

This was sent over to my Calvin (check out his site!)

Is it yet another Portland Formulaic Article?

Let’s see?

  • Rain (super check)
  • Stumptown (yessir)
  • Voodoo Doughnut (straight to the hole)
  • Ace Hotel (new and popular entrant into theses article, but Aced here for sure)
  • Hipsters (check, apparently they are at the Ace Hotel, and don’t raise my taxes for that Mr. Mayor)
  • Doug Fir (I think they licked the tables)
  • Powell’s Books (” Looking for something good to read?” -we are going with a check)
  • McMenamins (Bagdad baby…Kennedy School is so last year for these people)

Now, here’s a taste (small taste) of other subjects/places that could be covered…let me take you on a ride

ace hotel picnic

PORTLAND, Oregon (CNN) — In the winter, the residents of this Pacific Northwest city hunker down for the gray rain that drills the city sidewalks for days on end. Locals drink loads of strong coffee, read books and take up knitting with zeal reserved in other parts of the nation for church going or clubbing…Read More (not bad actually, and it has my ‘hood/park- Laurelhurst)

PS: CNN–I like that whole CNN PIPELINE idea you are running with, catchy name…sounds familiar though?

August 16 Daily Stank Image Bank #2: “Do Not Disturb Tree”

From Portland Online:

City gets aggressive in fight against illegal tree cutting in Portland’s parks and natural areas

Citing the extensive economic and environmental damage caused by illegal cutting of trees in the city’s parks, natural areas and streetscapes, Portland Parks Commissioner Dan Saltzman has directed Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) to take an aggressive stance on pursuing perpetrators. In addition, he has announced rewards up to $10,000 for information that leads to arrests and convictions.

Do Not Disturb Tree
“Replacing the trees requires not only the cost investment, but also a significant number of years for the trees to attain the height of those that were cut.”
We Need Trees

Yo…”We Need Trees”! Quit cutting them down or the Lorax will come for you!

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Seattle Asks “Why are all the cool rock stars moving to Portland?”

From the Seattle Post Intelligencer (Seattle PI)

Why are all the cool rock stars moving to Portland? Members of Modest Mouse, The Shins, Spoon, Death Cab and bunches of other bands have relocated to Portland.

Now, it appears Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance might be leaving his home state of New Jersey and joining the crew of merry musicians living in the Rose City.

Here’s an exchange from Rolling Stone’s blog…READ MORE

Spring in Portland

Perhaps, because Portland is Eden?

August 10 Daily Stank Image Bank: How Redbull and the Police Killed the Pioneer Square Pillow Fight

Redbull had rented all of Pioneer Square, and so Pillow Fight was not allowed. It moved over to O’Bryant Square, where apparently it went on with about a hundred people. I met Joseph from the Oregonian at Pioneer Square last night, and he followed it on and made a video (see below).

I didn’t feel the urge to move to the new location when so many happy hours (160 right now- see) were going on, and Hank Plank.

Here is a scan of what the police were giving out (side note–the one who gave me this was rather cool and had a John Wayne accent–boom!).

Pillow Fight Permit

Here is the info from the Oregonian, (click here for the video)

About 100 people launched into a wild, swinging brawl with their bedding of choice Thursday night during a public pillow fight in downtown Portland’s O’Bryant Square. Oregonian reporter Joseph Rose was there. The fluff-flying rumble was initially planned as a “flash mob” event at Pioneer Courthouse Square, where participants were supposed to pull out their pillows and start slinging them without warning at 6 p.m. But the fight…

Read More and watch video

Edit: I just got this message from Joseph
For the record, those were clean & safe security guards, not pdx police. Cheers.


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