Portland Trail Blazers Season Predictions: The Sophomore Slump

Last season, four rookies saw substantial playing time for the Blazers: Greg Oden, Jerryd Bayless, Rudy Fernandez and Nicolas Batum. With sophomore slumps being somewhat common occurrence in82989332SMF_D061140061.JPG the NBA, one of them is bound to stumble out of the gates this season. In this post I attempt to discern just who that will be.

Greg Oden

This section initially started with a with a rundown of Greg’s unfortunate NBA beginnings, it’s been covered ad nauseum and I scrapped it. If you need catching up, it’s out there somewhere.

Greg showed flashes of brilliance here and there, but mainly just looked nervous, flustered and lost. Most of his troubles can be traced back to getting injured right out of the blocks; which nullified all his preseason conditioning and axed what little confidence he had.

Offensively, Greg never looked comfortable. His jump hook was ghastly… Did he make more than 5 all season? He was at his best when he was cleaning up via offensive rebounds or when he got the ball with a running start and was able to attack the rim (who’s going to get in this way?). That said, offense has never been the priority with Greg. The Blazers drafted him for his defensive potential.  His role is controlling the paint: rebounding, altering and blocking shots. He’s certainly big and strong enough to hang with anyone. Over short spurts, Greg held his own with the best the NBA has to offer in the middle.

Overall, he struggled with confidence and week side help timing. His sometimes meek body language and lack of commitment didn’t earn him any help from David Stern’s Yes-Men the NBA refs.

At the end of the day, it’s up to Greg. Will he put in the time and effort required? His problems are correctable and in his case, the tools inherent. An off season’s worth of hard work to bolster his game and confidence paired with a healthy start to the 09-10 season should be all Greg needs to dominate.

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Portland Trailblazers Draft Pick | Texas’ D.J. Augustin?

Greg Oden Jersey Radio Cab Portland, Oregon
Now, that Boston gave Kobe and crew their beat-down, it is time to look towards the draft. Since we have the 13th pick and Greg Oden doesn’t have a little brother, the choice is not nearly as simple as last year. At Ball Don’t Lie, Kelly Dwyer states the obvious to most Blazers fans. We could really use a strong “Point guard, point guard, point guard” to run this young “stacked” team.

But, who can we get with the 13th pick? Kelly suggests:

D.J. Augustin, PG, University of Texas

Fortunately for the Blazers, there are a lot of attractive point guards in this draft. Unfortunately, none of them are going to fall to the 13th spot. D.J. Augustin has the closest chance…continue reading…

I’ll defer to Kelly, as he is one of the best basketball minds I’ve seen. The big surprise? WE HAVE STEVIE (formerly Franchise”) FRANCIS on our PAYROLL. I had forgotten about this $30 million mistake. I will now work to forget about it again and if you want to sleep well, you can try to do the same.

**Update (6/27): Well, the Blazers did not take Mr. Augustin. Instead they drafted Brandon Rush of Kansas and dealt him away for Arizona guard Jerryd Bayless . Full story at Oregonlive

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Daily Stank Image Bank: Top 9 Searches Landing at PDX Pipeline Today: Greg Oden, Piercing, Plan B

This is what people typed into google or yahoo (msn, etc) and came to the PDX PIPELINE from 5PM yesterday to 5PM today (Midnight GMT is what WordPress uses).

So, let’s take a look…

  1. greg oden

    Greg Oden Sand Sculpture Portland Oregon

  2. Plan B Bar 1305 SE 8th Ave portland oregon

    Plan B Bar - If Ain't Stiff, It Ain't Worth a @&$$

  3. plan b bar portland
  4. black tangerine music
  5. piercing
    1. hmmm…weird, must be because of this Dante’s show where there was live tattooing and piercing going on and THE SMOOCH GIRLS!

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2007 Sand in the City Pics: Greg Oden, Bart Simpson, Snoopy

Here are around thirty photos of Yoshida’s 2007 Sand in the City event in Pioneer Courthouse Square. The pieces are up until Monday I believe.

Greg Oden
Greg Oden

 Click Thumbnails to see different sizes.

2007 Sand in the City-272007 Sand in the City-262007 Sand in the City-252007 Sand in the City-24Portland Sand2007 Sand in the City-22Made in OregonMade in OregonSnoopySnoopyOctopusBook WormBook WormLisa SimpsonLisa Simpson2007 Sand in the City-122007 Sand in the City-11DragginDragginBart SimpsonMermaidOcean BlueGreg OdenKiddie TalesGreg OdenGreg OdenKids on the Block2007 Sand in the City2007 Sand in the City-28

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Greg Oden loves, loves, loves Portland

From his blog:

…let me tell you about how great the place im going to be living is and representing for sometime. The summers here are the greatest thing in the world. It rarely rains in the summer, the temperature is always perfect, there is no humidity, and when there’s a breeze, you can feel it. Now the winters on the other hand, that’s a different story. I haven’t experienced it but from what people have told me, it rains but not very hard, and not a lot at a time just slow drizzled spread out through a long time. I’m sure i’ll be able to handle it.

Hmmm…just slow drizzle? Well, good thing you didn’t see last winter.

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