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portland trail blazers tickets, hard to buy

Today, the Portland Trailblazer single game tickets went on sale at noon. I’ve had the page up since 10:00Am. At Noon, I went to buy a pair of tix for the Blazers vs Beantown. I’m still “in que” fifteen minutes later.

12:40: Went over to Fred Meyer to get some pretzels Cassava chips, and when I got back–I was in.

Portland Trailblazer Seats

12:55: At this point, I had tried four different games, and four different price levels–yes, the pipeline and friends can only afford the bottom four levels–and nothing but FAIL.
no tix

1:00 I had to stop searching because the system was timing me out of the only tickets I was able to get. Two TAN!! (Blarggggg!) tickets to the Blazers vs. Suns. I hope Shaq is big enough to see from up there.

If you happen to have some sweet tickets and want to take me along…Pipeline posts can be bribed.:)

Portland Trailblazers: “Black = White = Red” | Daily Stank Image Bank

Portland Trailbalzer Gear image
Black = White = Red
Location: PdxPopNow (SW Stark & 2nd), Portland, Oregon
Photo By: Andruu’s that psykoo babbler

It is only about 3 weeks until the 2008 Portland Trailblazer season opens against the weakness that has become the Sacramento Kings. Looking for some good Blazer blogs to catch you up to speed? Info from “Ball Don’t Lie”:

No kidding, this team really does feature a formidable blog lineup

I mean, had you told me a few weeks ago…that I would end up leaving the sublime work of Sean and the OregonLive staff at Blazer Blog out of the Portland triptych, I would have probably asked you just how far down in the polls that McCain/Pawlenty ticket was, and if my beard ever grew in….Read more to find the top blog on our Blazers

Daily Stank Image Bank: Top 9 Searches Landing at PDX Pipeline Today: Greg Oden, Piercing, Plan B

This is what people typed into google or yahoo (msn, etc) and came to the PDX PIPELINE from 5PM yesterday to 5PM today (Midnight GMT is what WordPress uses).

So, let’s take a look…

  1. greg oden

    Greg Oden Sand Sculpture Portland Oregon

  2. Plan B Bar 1305 SE 8th Ave portland oregon

    Plan B Bar - If Ain't Stiff, It Ain't Worth a @&$$

  3. plan b bar portland
  4. black tangerine music
  5. piercing
    1. hmmm…weird, must be because of this Dante’s show where there was live tattooing and piercing going on and THE SMOOCH GIRLS!

    Read the rest of this entry »

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We Are All Going To Die!! VII (‘Sheed Can’t Sell His Crib)

In what must have been the lead story for KATU (other than the alligator in SW Washington–google it–be afraid), Sheed can’t sell his house.

Yes, Rasheed “I helped destroy your team then left and won a championship” Wallace had to reduce his asking price from $5.5 Million to $5.2 Million.

What does this mean?

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Greg Oden loves, loves, loves Portland

From his blog:

…let me tell you about how great the place im going to be living is and representing for sometime. The summers here are the greatest thing in the world. It rarely rains in the summer, the temperature is always perfect, there is no humidity, and when there’s a breeze, you can feel it. Now the winters on the other hand, that’s a different story. I haven’t experienced it but from what people have told me, it rains but not very hard, and not a lot at a time just slow drizzled spread out through a long time. I’m sure i’ll be able to handle it.

Hmmm…just slow drizzle? Well, good thing you didn’t see last winter.

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Portland takes Greg Oden!

Is it championship time in the PDX? Yes, it is!

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